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48 x 48 inch Scrap Granny Square with Bonus

You are looking at a scrappy Granny Square crochet blanket. This one has a home, but I will make you another in its place. It will be approximately 48 inches square and will be absolutely bursting with color. All make the blanket rather a treat to look at. It will be crocheted using acrylic yarn and will be put in the washer with a sensitive detergent. It'll be clean and fluffy and ready to use.
As as added bonus for purchasing this blanket, pet-sized blankets (3 small, 3 medium, or 1 large) will be donated either in your name or anonymously to my local animal shelter (Southern Brazoria County Animal Shelter). They come in a variety of colors and if you would like to see a sample, please look at the listing specifically for pet blankets.
Please note: The picture is an example of the type of blanket you will receive. The colors and pattern will be different.


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