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Shelter Pack plus One

Only need one kitty and or puppy blanket around the house, but still want to make sure shelter animals are snuggly warm? Then this is your option. It contains one small, one medium, and one large, crochet granny square blanket for charity. And then one size of your choosing (small, medium, or large.) for your own snuggly animal. They are made with the same care and treatment that the ones intended for humans are.
The picture below is an example of the types of blankets. The blankets will vary by pattern and color, but will always be the basic granny square shape. (The picture shows them folded in half.)
Please note, there will be a shipping charge for the one blanket sent to you, the others will be donated directly to The Southern Brazoria County Animal Shelter.
Also note, while there are three blankets in the picture, you would request what size you want and I would make that the fourth, shipped to you.
The sizes are as follows (approx.:
Small - 14-16 inches square
Medium - 24-26 inches square
Large - 34 - 36 inches square


  • Image of Shelter Pack plus One